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The Celestial Connection With Gems

I think we’ve all gotten some exposure to the world of jewelry and are at least somewhat aware of astrology.  Now if you’ve looked into astrology to some extent then you are probably aware that in each of the twelve signs of the zodiac, which every person is born under, their precise sign being determined by which day of the year they were born on.  Now, these twelve signs all have different aspects to them, which I’ll be happy to explain to some extent, but what I’ll be focusing on for the sake of this article is the gemstone that corresponds to the different signs.  Lately I’ve been trying to look for some cool jewelry and clothing as gifts for people I care about, and a neat little nuanced way to say you’re interested and care about them is to get a piece of jewelry (or anything really) that features the gemstone (or the same color as their gemstone!) corresponding to their astrological sign, which is also called the birth stone.  So as a result I’ve recently found myself looking to shop at maruti wholesale beads and have been pleasantly surprised with a wide selection, very affordable prices and some of the most exotic and unique pieces that I’ve never seen anywhere else.  It will be coming in handy in the next few months where I have birthdays, anniversaries, and the holiday season approaching… At least I have one website that won’t break the bank!


Here’s an absolutely gorgeous example of two of the fine astrological gemstones, (several diamonds along with a large blue sapphire at the center) in a perfectly designed pendant.  Now I don’t think I could afford something like this with a year’s salary unless those diamonds were replaced with (the similar in appearance) cubic zirconium.  Image © Bharat Mirchandani.

I do love seeing extravagant pieces of jewelry but I think I prefer the simple things for personal use and for gifts.  Cheap costume jewelry is fun and achieves the same effect that some of those ostentatious gems can offer.  That aside, September is considered the month that correlates to Sapphires as a birth stone (although if you look at the astrological information more precisely you’ll see that Virgo also includes the last month of August and excludes the last month of September).  Interestingly enough, sapphires can come in a multitude of other colors, although the most common is the deep blue color as you can see in the photo above.  In centuries past, people once associated holy properties with the stones, probably no small coincidence as the symbol associated with Virgo is an angelic virgin… Or a virginal angel, depending on how you interpret it!


This stunning engagement ring featuring a large ruby at its center betwixt two diamonds is certainly a rare sight to behold! © Scarletfire2005.

Now I’m not going to judge anyone too harshly and I’m not a fan of succumbing to peer pressure, but as my own mother has told me: it’s not an engagement ring if it’s not a diamond.  I take that with a grain of salt and have a laugh.  Anyway, my mother is a Leo (and just like the symbol of the lion, she’s got quite the mane of hair and quite a roar to her!) and ruby is her astrological sign’s birth stone.  I’m not sure what the correlation is between them, perhaps the regal appearance that many rubies have about them is also closely associated with the natural leadership capabilities that Leos are presumed to have?


I know you’ll probably think I’m an egotistical jerk for including my own birth stone in this article but if you’ve ever met an Aries then you know we’re stubborn as a ram!  © The Online Jeweller.

While I’m sure that many of us could have their unshakably pragmatic perspective that would inform them that there is absolutely no scientific proof and no logical leg for all of astrology to stand on, and for the most part I’ll certainly have a laugh and agree with them, it is still entertaining to say the least.