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Why We Love Florida

florida-from-orbitFlorida is one of the most beautiful and scenic tourist attractions on the planet, let alone just in the United States of America.  Even this view from orbit shows you just how much land is dedicated to beaches; you have got to love that.  The fact that NASA has had so many major operations from this little edge of the USA is no surprise, as the location does offer some excellent photographic opportunities.  There are just so many things to love about the state itself, it’s hard to pin down any one reason to love the state.

halifax-riverThe beaches are gorgeous, but here we see that the beautiful scenery is not focused on just one area.  This photo taken by the Halifax River’s west bank shows off some of Florida’s well-constructed architecture, with this lengthy bridge that crosses over the width of the river, offering quite a beautiful view for anyone enjoying a drive under the sun.

Lounging around and taking in the sights are certainly enjoyable in their own right but Florida has more to it than just fun in the sun.  Florida is also the home of Disney World, one of the most famous amusement parks on the planet, considering it has both the iconic magic kingdom castle (you’ve probably seen it at least once if you’ve ever seen the opening credit animation before any recent Disney film) and the highly recognizable Epcot Center.  There are other great amusement parks as well, including the Orlando Studios, and a plethora of water parks you can enjoy all year long, due to the temperate weather, being closer to the equator than the northern states.  The fact that the state is so temperate is likely a huge draw for the senior citizen population, who enjoy the warmth and the lower humidity than some of the more densely forested southern states.  If you’ve ever been in North or South Carolina during a heat wave, you know how stifling southern humidity can be!

florida-jewelry-storeAs you can see above, the shopping that’s available in Florida is also quite attractive.  You can often see some Cuban influence in the style of much of the locally produced jewelry, and the food available at a variety of restaurants and food trucks.  However, the fact that Florida has a very diverse population does show through in the variety of jewelry, music, fashion, cuisine, and all the things that define a culture.

The above photos come to us courtesy of members of flickr.com

First image credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Second image credit: Eutrophication and Hypoxia.

Third image credit: International Gem and Jewelry Show.