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How To Identify If Amber Jewelry Is Real Or Not?

Amber Jewelry

If you were looking to buy amber, your immediate concern would be to reach for the original one. No one likes to be duped and not where jewelry is concerned. Given the features and benefits of amber, you would not like to be disappointed with a fake one on hand. Hence, it is always wise to opt for expert opinion before you make your purchase. Buying from authentic stores reduces the risk of buying a fake one. To ensure that the amber is genuine, here are some tests to prove the status.

Identifying The Real Amber From Fake

Amber is the fossilized resin of trees that dates back to millions of years. Among the types of amber available, Baltic amber is considered the best in terms of quality. Since the fossil is lightweight, imitations using synthetics and plastics that are lightweight become possible.

Copal, which is termed an immature resin, looks more like amber. However, it does not share the qualities of amber, as it is much younger in age and hence has not undergone the geological processes that amber undergoes over millions and millions of years. Hence, if you conduct test on copal, you will find that it fails the test. So do plastics, celluloid and other synthetics, which are used to pass off as amber.

While tests conducted in labs using infrared spectroscopy and mass spectrometry identify the genuine amber from fake, you could conduct simple tests to achieve the results. Here are some suggestions for you to make a perfect buy. Continue reading »